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Where are you going?

To know where your going, you need to know where you are.

Mapping your lifeRecently, my son Tanner (grade 4) had 1-B, 1-C and the rest A’s on his report card. His mother and I sat down with him and asked him why the C. After a shrug of the shoulders and a dropping of his head he gave the infamous”I Don’t know”. We then spent the next 30 minutes reminding him that he is incredibly intelligent and that a C is only acceptable if that was the best he could do. Once we finished with our side of the conversation, we asked him to give his input as to what he could do in the future to improve this. At first he was defensive like any of us would be and mentioned that he was not really sure why he got the B and C. We both then stated to him that since his teacher gave him the grades, wouldn’t it be wise to ask her why. He agreed and that was it.
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Today is the Day!

You need sometime off!

Plans for a New Year.

I just returned from another reboot trip to Brazil. I feel so good and refreshed and wanted to share what I’ve learned.

Reading through the posts of my Facebook friends can be so very enlightening. As I am sure you are aware also, I can tell you who works hard and who hates their job. I can see who has a loving family and in turn who just wants to be loved. Even though we all are so different,
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Let’s Talk Politics….Not!

Politics: A Touchy Subject

Are your Republican?

Are you Democrat?

Are you other?

I was up early today and just had to get this off my chest…

Recently I saw a cartoon that talked about the debates that go on during our never ending election seasons. No, not the debates by the politicians, but the ones the rest of us wage each day throughout social media channels. The caption read something like “No one has ever changed their political views based on what was posted here on Facebook”.  Meaning, why do we all feel so compelled to debate a subject that we can never win or even conclude.
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A 1/100th Effort

Just a littel more.

A 1/100th Effort

A 1/100th Effort.

You only need to improve by that much.

I am sure you all have seen the many references to Michael Phelps’s gold swim four years ago in Beijing where he won by 1/100th of a second. Well, this year in London, Chad Le Clos of South Africa overtook Michael for the gold by .05 seconds on the 200 Meter Butterfly. While looking back at the video from Beijing in 2008, Michael had a very bad start and trailed for the entire race. It was only on the last stroke that he overtook the Hungarian,  Milorad Cavic. In London, the opposite happened and he led the entire race and was only defeated at the end with a bad finish.
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